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Ways of monetizing a dating website

Ways of monetizing a dating website

That’s an issue of concern for everyone who plans launching an online dating service or already owns one. Some people initially perceive such an engagement as a hobby, entertainment, others – as a business idea, but eventually everyone starts to wonder how to monetize the online dating service. Watch the following video, where we tell about the ways of monetizing a dating website!

To monetize a website one has to think over and realize the technical possibility of this monetization. For this purpose you have to make a list of all methods that you want to use.

Primarily, a dating website is a platform for communication between users, that’s why it can use the same monetizing methods as any other similar resource:

  1. Banner advertising.
  2. Paid articles and link placement.
  3. Paid publication of commercial news.
  4. Paid placement in a reference book.
  5. Contextual and teaser advertising.

All you need to do in order to realize the first four points is to find several committed partners for the long-term mutually beneficial collaboration.

But there are also special methods of monetization intended especially for online dating services:

  1. Paid registration on the website.
  2. Subscription fee for using the service.
  3. Paid access to different content levels.
  4. Paid access to profiles.
  5. Paid private chats.
  6. Paid promotion of profiles and paid statuses.
  7. Paid private messages.
  8. Arrangement of paid online entertainment events.

The list of monetization methods does not end here. Modern trends are opening more and more monetization methods for owners of online dating services.

Stay with us! Follow the updates and keep abreast of all the latest news in the online dating industry!

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