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Dating Factory launches French version of its b2b offering, PayPal and some more exciting July developments

Dating Factory b2b platform is now available in French!

Our big news for July is the launch of, our white label dating and affiliate network for the French speaking market. Now Dating Factory partners and affiliates will not only be able to create sites in French but will have the comfort of having the Dating Factory platform and administrative area in their native language. There are 68 million Internet users who have French as their mother tongue and they account for 4% of the global internet audience.

If you have web-sites that cater for French speaking audience – carry on promoting as we are expecting a big database update and new French speaking partners joining us soon!

Remote registration (co-reg) facility is available for a wide audience

If you have your own portals or membership sites where you gather member data and you also have site with Dating Factory site we can help you avoid that extra step where members need to register on your dating site.

Even if you do not have enough data to post us for the full member profile, you can post us what you have and we will as your members to fill out the rest.

Contact your account manager for further details on this offer and increase your conversion rate to registrations by another 10-20%.

Receive payments via PayPal now – tips on how it’s best to get paid

Many of you have asked whether you could receive payments via PayPal, so we decided to add this option to your Wallet section of the admin area.

Now Dating Factory partners can receive funds via:

     1) Cheques (are issued in GBP because issuing cheques is supported by our UK bank only)

     2) Wire transfers (cost will depend on your country – partners from the EU countries will pay as little as 20 eurocents per transfer, for other countries the amount is up to 10 Euro)

     3) PayPal  NEW!  (cost is approximately 2%, but please visit – PayPal web-site to know more –

How do you change your payment method? Login to your partner account at and go to the Wallet section. There you will have the option of choosing the payment method you prefer:

Cheques are generally good for the UK as they are issued in your own currency and it costs little or nothing for you to cash them – but for the other countries cashing a foreign cheque can be quite costly.

Wire transfers are great for the partners outside the UK and especially within the European Union as they will pay very little for the wire transfer. It’s also good for other countries for the bigger amounts where PayPal fees are much higher than the wire transfer fees.

PayPal is great for partners who are getting smaller amounts where the PayPal processing fees will be lower than what you have paid for the wire transfer.

Dating Factory team is happy to pay via any of the above methods, just make sure that you are spending less on the processing fees!

We have added more dating and niche templates for your sites:

General adult

    General dating

                        Swingers                                    HIV/AIDS dating