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Is lunch\buffet provided for visitors of Conference and exhibition iDate Expo?

At the conference and exhibition there will be Lounge Zone organized, where one can purchase snacks and drinks.

What is the cost of ticket to the iDate Expo?

Exhibition attendance costs 200 RUB (online) and 250 RUB (оffline).

Conference participation costs 10 000 RUB (online) and 15 000 RUB (оffline) per person respectively.

If for some reason the participant cannot take part in the exhibition of affiliate programs and marketing, can it be refunded?

Refund is possible in the case of submitting application for refund in advance (, at least three days prior to the event.

After exhibition and conference holding refund is not performed.

How can legal entity pay for a ticket?

Tickets to iDate Expo are paid for by legal entities signing an agreement, issuing an invoice, and after the event the closing document is issued–certificate of services rendered.

To issue an invoice please provide the following information:

Details of the company,

Director full name,

Name and the number of representatives from the company

Please send it to address


Does payment of 10 000 RUB extend to a two-day attendance of conference iDate 2014?

Yes, 10 000 RUB (online) and 15 000 RUB (offline) payment gives the opportunity to visit two full days of the iDate conference.