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Google imposes restrictions on dating ads!

In September, Google imposes restrictions on displaying certain materials of embarrassing nature. This category shall be understood as materials having specific information working with one needs to consider legal or cultural realia of the region.

In particular, offers of marriage and dating with foreigners fall under these criteria. Now displaying ads of online dating services of this nature will be restricted.

In this regard, the questions arise: how should one advertise such services in Google now? What is needed to develop new sources of advertising?

iDate Expo to be held on 3-4 October 2014 in Moscow ECC "Sokolniki"  will provide answers to these and other questions. It is iDate Expo where one can find all the relevant information about the opportunities of online dating and entertainment services.

iDate Expo is a meeting place for dating business leaders, developers of themed mobile appns and software, affiliate programs in online datingfield, owners of entertainment services that promote dating industry (horoscopes, compatibility, entertainment), and many others who are interested in this business.

There is no way you can miss iDate Expo if you are interested in developing your business in this industry!

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