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Sergey Boguslavskiy Executive Director CPA asan auction: fromdisplay to action
Sergey Boguslavskiy Executive Director

Has been working in marketing since 2004. StartedfromSEOand contextual advertising; certifiedspecialistoftheBegunsystem (2007) andadvertising in Google Adwords search (2010).

Sergey came to СРА in 2010: he has been working as advertiser and in various affiliate networks, in collaboration with Russian and foreign CPA networks as an affiliate.


Alexandr Savchenkov CEO and founder Affiliate marketing in Russia and in the Western world. Modern set of tools for increasing channels conversion and online profit.
Alexandr Savchenkov CEO and founder

CityAds Media is an international platform for placing CPA online advertising that started functioning in 2010.

Before creating CityAds Media, Alexandr has been a cofounder and partner of venture funds with a total capitalization of more than $200m. He became and investor of such major technological companies as Tvigle Media, Search Inform, Razoom Inc.

Alexandr has a Ph.D. in economics as well as master’s degree in physics and math of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Oleg Reshetnikov Founder Prospects for mobile advertising market RF
Oleg Reshetnikov Founder

successful CPA-coach

Garkynov Mikhail Director of Business Development at "" Tag Management - technology trackers and pixels on the advertiser's site
Garkynov Mikhail Director of Business Development at ""

Mikhail has more than fourteen years of experience (since 1999) in sales and marketing;
Since 2003 he has been working in the Internet industry (Headhunter,, Mail.Ru, MixMarket (AdLabs Group of Companies);
Mikhail is an independent expert and lecturer in the field of advertising with pay per result (CPA-advertising, lead generation, affiliate programs);
Mikhail is a speaker and presenter of sections at major industry conferences: RIF + KIB, Russian Internet Week, Russian Affiliate Days, etc.;
Best Affiliate Manager 

Maik Metzen Co-founder “Content Marketing for Affiliates – be a brand in your niche”
Maik Metzen Co-founder

Maik Metzen is Managing Partner of AKM3, one of the leading international SEO companies in Europe, based in Berlin with more than 120 employees, operating in more than 25 countries. He is Co-Founder of the online cigars shop Noblego. Maik studied Business Administration in Cologne and he has 9+ years experience in Online Marketing (especially SEO and SEA). He worked for Hitflip, Hitmeister and Spreadshirt (Boston) in the past. Maik is speaker on international conferences and author of professional articles.

Dmitry Danilenko Chief Commercial "Effective use of OMNI channel for example, cross-marketing when dealing with payment systems"
Dmitry Danilenko Chief Commercial

Dmitry has worked in the internet industry for over a decade. He has been in charge of the implementation and development of various services on Russia’s mass market including broadband internet access, IPTV, and Wi-Fi and WiMAX with the company Vimpelcom (the brand Beeline). Starting in 2011 he served as commercial director of the company Begun, where he was responsible for the commercial strategy of the company on the market of context and media advertisement. He took on the role of chief commercial officer at Yandex.Money in June 2012.


Elena Burdyugova Marketing director Productivity in affiliate marketing - Myths and Realities.
Elena Burdyugova Marketing director

Prior to joining ElementGroup Holding Company she worked as a marketing director at Notamedia digital-studio. Previously she worked as an expert in Internet Marketing for well-known SEO agencies such as Ashmanov and Partners and VIPRO. 
Since 2012 to this day she has been holding a position of the Marketing Director at Blogun Company and a position of the PR-Director at ElementGroup. In 2013 she became an author and presenter of the popular program Blog in the Details on and ЖЖ-TV (
She is a teacher at the Summer PR School at MSU.
She is a speaker at RIF + KIB, NeForumBlogerov (RIA Novosti's project), Advertising Matrix and other industry conferences.
She is an author of the blog Бурдюгова.жж.рф

Olga Shokalo Chief Data exchange to attract targeted traffic
Olga Shokalo Chief

Ilya Makarov Chief executive How to conduct contextual advertising on the basis of CPA model
Ilya Makarov Chief executive

Since 2008 he has been engaged in business process automation. Since 2009 he has started introducing the mathematical marketing for client projects while working at the agency. Since 2011 he has been a co-owner and CEO of Alytics ( - intelligent management system for the contextual advertising. Ilya Makarov is a co-author of the algorithm for automated bid management in contextual advertising on the basis of CPA model. He is a consultant on digital-marketing for Bosch, MBA Consult, National Settlement Depository, and Leader Team.

Raundtable discussion
Valeriy Kovalenko Founder Optional analysis basics for sales at Forex
Valeriy Kovalenko Founder

He has been working on the Forex market since 2008. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo supporter. For a long time, he has been looking for a system which allows trading and obtaining profit without working atPC for the whole day. In 2011, learned about optional analysis and began to try it in sales. Advocate of the carefree sales and insider info methods. Discovered sales method that canreally be mastered by everyone. In 2013, founded information analysis portal and developed his own method of optional levels analysis.


Alexandr Melkumyants The head of affiliate programs department at AMarkets Your own turnkey business on the most liquid market in the world
Alexandr Melkumyants The head of affiliate programs department at AMarkets

  • Features of earnings in the financial markets
  • Statistics and portraits of target customers
  • Successful cases
  • Examples of earnings of webmasters working in this direction 


About the speaker:

Alexander Melkumyants is the expert in the field of digital marketing and sales in B2B segment. He has been engaged in the development of affiliate marketing for more than five years. 

Raman Maladziashyn Founder Why Forex affiliate programs will never die"
Raman Maladziashyn Founder

Trading Forex since 2008.
In 2009-2012 contributed analytics for and
In 2012 founded his own project - analytics, webinars, materials on currency markets for self training, membership area for subscribers containing materials about Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) and other trading methods.
Authored scores of webinars on applying VSA in currency markets, and webinars on market structure, technical analysis, trading psychology.
Authored a holistic trading course which gives traders a complete infrastructure to trade the markets: from market structure and microstructure to market timing of entries and exits.

Startcev Ivan Head Forex affiliate program as a profitable online business
Startcev Ivan Head

He is a specialist in the field of B2C and B2B sales. The last few years he was involved in the development of a regional retail network within the framework of FMCG Company's franchising program. In 2014, he joined the team of EXNESS and now he is engaged in development of affiliate programs in Russia and the CIS.

Dmitriy Shahov Director Creating a cluster of websites to reduce cost of client acquisition.
Dmitriy Shahov Director

Director at REMARKA, owner of and in his blog – In 2010, completed his book “Confession of a geek” that turned into a full-length film in 2013; the book has been published by ACT in 2014.

Evgeniy Kostin Head of Sales SEO for major websites
Evgeniy Kostin Head of Sales

Evgeniy has been into web technologies and online marketing since 2007, and working with SEO for more than three years.

Up until 2010, he has been working in AGAVA, curating client’s SEO department . Later, he has been developing affiliate network for SEO agency, as well as internal promotion automation systems.

Joined SeoPult team in 2012.

Voronova Sofia Senior SEO expert Promotion of websitesforforeign audiencesinresource-limited settings
Voronova Sofia Senior SEO expert

Since 2011 she is engaged in SEO, worked in Club Sale Group (online retail group), andMediacom Procter and Gamble Department,in 2013joined Garin-Studio.Sofiaworked in over 50projects.
SapeCertified Specialist.
Areas of interest- SEO,copywriting, including in German.

Konstantin Leonovich Project manager "Smart retargeting"
Konstantin Leonovich Project manager

Since 2004he is engaged in search engine optimizationand advertisingin Internet. In 2006he started working in ateam of developers.Today he holds the position of project manager inSape. Since 2006 he delivers speeches about search promotion, reputation managementin the net, performance evaluation of online marketing.The main spheres ofprofessional interestsareadvertising opportunitiesin Internet, search engine optimization, contextual advertising, SEO.


Elena Potolicyna Head of SEO Increasing conversion through search: landing pages, triggers and other baits
Elena Potolicyna Head of SEO

Team Smart Media joined in 2011 as an assistant seo-Specialist. Within six months, rose through the ranks to lead seo-Specialist. In 2013 she headed the department of SEO agencies. Developed and introduced new products: SEO Targets, Mid-SEO and SERM in conjunction with the Department of SMM.

Jan-Willem Bobbink Director of SEO The Future of Search
Jan-Willem Bobbink Director of SEO

He is currently employed as Director of SEO for the US based search marketing agency Acronym Media and is Ambassador for MajesticSEO. During the years he has developed extensive knowledge of performance marketing by building multiple affiliate marketing concepts. In 2011, after several years of working alone, he then decided to make the next step in his career: utilizing his SEO knowledge for the bigger players in the market. Currently he is responsible for international visibility campaigns for a broad range of clients. In addition to that, he writes on his SEO blog

Speaker at several (inter)national events like SMX Munich, Performance Marketing Insights, A4U Expo, SEOCampixx, BrightonSEO & Search Marketing Thursday

Aleksey Danilin Middle SEO IM at Netpeak Company Web Analytics Resulting in Actions
Aleksey Danilin Middle SEO IM at Netpeak Company

Aleksey Danilin graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute on specialty Protection of Information in Computer Systems and Networks.

Since 2011 he has been engaged in Internet marketing. In 2013 he joined Netpeak and has worked in more than 30 projects.

He is a certified specialist in Google Analytics.

He is an author of articles in the category of SEO on Netpeak blog.

Areas of Interest: SEO, web-analytics, Capoeira.

Аnton Ivanov Consultant and lecturer on internet marketing and SEO SEO - three letters everybody is sick and tired of
Аnton Ivanov Consultant and lecturer on internet marketing and SEO

He is a lecturer on SEO and internet marketing at TopEkspert Company, as well as a technician / consultant at Optimism Company.

Vladimir Davydov Co-founder Why nobody else in Russia managed to do that and what do we have to do?
Vladimir Davydov Co-founder

Vladimir Davydov  - co-owner, director of project management and customer service of the marketing group "Completo." Certificates: Microsoft Certified Professional, Cambridge FCE, television host, member of the "Russian Market Analysts' Guild," business trainer.


Ivan Kostrov Marketing Director SMART mobile: Making mobile promotion an effective process
Ivan Kostrov Marketing Director

Experience: digital agency Unikcom, digital agencyJvision, Marketing Director at start-up Participated in development of digital companies and creative concepts for P&G, Unilever, Mars, Land Rover, Kinder, Kaspersky, Chevrolet, TEWA, LEGO, Sberbank, ONYX.

Arseniy Lavrentiev Head of mobile business dating service JustLunch Meet business-dating
Arseniy Lavrentiev Head of mobile business dating service JustLunch

Since 2009, Arseniy and Oleg Barmin took part in establishment of several businesses. Executive Director of online project in daily deals segment; in 2013 the project was successfully sold to another market player. Head of mobile business dating service JustLunch.

Dmitriy Filatov Founder of Topface Russian online dating market and dating companies investments
Dmitriy Filatov Founder of Topface

Dmitriy Filatov, founder of Topface dating service and Restart Capital fundthat deals with problem startups investments.

Dmitriy graduated from St. Petersburg State University, management department and created Topface service that gained a user base of 37 million people over a year, from Moscow to Buenos Aires. Topface is one of the fastest growing dating platforms in the world allowing hundreds of thousands people find new acquaintances.

Fast Company included Topface in the Top-10 most innovational companies list in Russia.


market volume and structure;
key market players;
market strategies and venue success factors;
benefits of investing into dating companies;
Topfaceand Restart Capital investments strategy.

Platonova Elena Deputy head of marketing department at Wamba ( User behavior in different countries and on different platforms: WEB to mobile technologies
Platonova Elena Deputy head of marketing department at Wamba (

She’s been working at Wamba since 2012: new partners arrive, and the existing ones stay happy. Previously Elena has been holding senior positions at online marketing companies (Drimmi, Innova, Destiny Development etc.) and received her Ph.D. She says that she manages to do everything in time due to her Candidate Master title in backpacking and passion for languages.

Maxim Khramov CEO of Mobilization of
Maxim Khramov CEO of

Speaking notes:

  • Changes in search preferences
  • Crisis and behavioral factors
  • Dating with foreigners
  • The future of dating services

About the speaker: More than 12 years of experience in developing and managing online projects. He is engaged in development of Socila Descovery startup and child payment system


Daniele Antoniani Business Advisor at Neomobile (Italia) Gamificationa and Monetization
Daniele Antoniani Business Advisor at Neomobile (Italia)

I'm Daniele Antoniani, I have learned the internet industry from the ground up while helping build in Moscow focused in Italian market and constructing Badoo piece by piece from 0 to 2 million users in Italy, over 12 million worldwide by 2008, that's how I started my life in this industry. Once I left Badoo, I had few years experience as freelance advisor for the startups and based in Zurich, mainly focused on Russian market. In November 2011 in Games I made my experience in game industry. From 2014 back in dating industry as business developer advisor at Neomobile, taking care of dating platform and mobile payment with the brand Onebip by Neomobile.

Alexander Lebedev Expert oin traffic optimization, Manager of affiliate program Successful cases of webmasters and traffic buyers in affiliate program of Fotostrana
Alexander Lebedev Expert oin traffic optimization, Manager of affiliate program

Works in internet marketing since 2009. Involved in operations with Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, targeting advertising Vkontakte, traffic arbitrage, creating landing pages, increase of websites conversion and landing pages for offline and online businesses, works with Yandex. Metric and other analytic systems, engaged in analysisof advertising campaign, etc.

The topic of his report is: "Successful cases of webmasters and traffic buyers in affiliate program of Fotostrana".

coffee break Lunch
coffee break

Vyatcheslav Fedorov Owner Payment tools in IDATE and Affiliate
Vyatcheslav Fedorov Owner

Vyacheslav Fedotov, owner of news and consulting project e-MoneyNews
Has 10 years of experience related to payment systems, obtained professional knowledge and skills working on the following projects:

Yandex.Money, sales manager and regional development manager.

Yota, payment systems development manager. During his work, company has launched payment infrastructures for communications provider in Russia and Nicaragua, as well as Yota Money project.

Dengi Online, PR office manager.

Go2See, Chief Development Officer.

He is a regular speaker of various topics, including payment systems and e-Commerce, making presentations at events organized by Skolkovo, ComNews, Vedomosti, Slon, Oborot, B2B Conference Group, Seliger and other companies.

Participates at StartUp schools and business incubators INGRIYA, SUMIT, Hack Day and Seliger as a mentor.

Andrey Burin CEO at TEAMO.RU as a viable tool for market monetization
Andrey Burin CEO at TEAMO.RU

Andrey Burin is CEO at TEAMO.RU, LLC

He started his career in advertising agency being 19 years of age. In the mid-nineties, he created his own advertising agency together with colleagues, and has been involved in creating, drawing logos, making up ad slogans and advertising campaigns concepts. In 1998 he sold his share to partners and started his own printing business.

In 2004, he took the job at RBK media holding, as a director of advertising and printing department. In 2008, he launched a dating website but couldn’t find investment because of the financial crisis and had to stop the project. In 2009, Andrey got an invitation to Badoo, where he has been developing a product for two years.

Working at Badoo, Andrey managed to develop a Facebook app that took third place in means of global traffic. More than 60 mn unique users used it each month. After Badoo became a real dating service, Andrey decided to leave the company from London and came back to Moscow.

In the spring of 2012 he took offer of Fast Lane Ventures and took over the leadership of dating service. Within 8 months of operation, Andreysucceeded to increase traffic and income 10 times. He initiated the purchase of online dating service. Today, database comprises 5,5mn users, being the leading service in its segment.

Ivan Jakushin Head of Business Development at RBK Money Promotion and monetization of online projects. Checklist when choosing a payment partner
Ivan Jakushin Head of Business Development at RBK Money

Ivan Jakushin acting as Head of Business Development at RBK Money. Ivan has 7 years experience in sales, finance and business development. More than 3 years of which in the company RBK Money. Before commerce worked as a researcher at the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering (MSUE). Which, as a student, he graduated with honors. Taught in the Department of Economics. Believes that if you do not sell and advise you can achieve greater heights.
"The promotion and monetization of online projects. Checklist when choosing a payment partner"

Denis Shirokiy Head of the Department of Sales of OTT content services at MTT Telecommunications for social networks. New ways to monetize communication.
Denis Shirokiy Head of the Department of Sales of OTT content services at MTT

In 2002, Pavel graduated from the Moscow State Railway Transport University. He started his career with a simple position of a technical support operator at PTT-Teleport Moscow. After that, he worked as a technical support team leader at MTU-Intel, where he collaborated with Moscow and regional Interconnect operators of a large and medium size.

Pavel has been working as a head of the integration services department at MTT OJSC for 4 years. Tikhonov is a high level professional in this field, and he willingly shares his experience with colleagues, and never rests on his laurels.

During his professional career, Pavel has actively participated in the following projects:


  • Start-up and commercial implementation of certain fix services: broadband internet, VPN, fixed voice communication services and others in Megafon network;
  • Commercial implementation of FMC project with various fixed-line operators in Moscow;
  • A number of co-branding projects.
Vadim Sarantsev Head of Partners Central & Eastern Europe Payments processing in iDating, from the best payment system of iDate Industry 2013
Vadim Sarantsev Head of Partners Central & Eastern Europe

Vadim works as a "Head of Partners Central & Eastern Europe" in SafeCharge, he's responsible for the market development of the company in Russia, CIS, Central Europe and Baltic countries. (*SafeCharge International Group (AIM: SCH) is a leading global payment services provider to High Risk industries, such as Gaming/Gambling, Forex management, Dating or e-Commerce)

More than 10 years experience in international Internet companies related to mobile ecosystem and global payment systems.

Topic: "Payments processing in iDating, from the best payment system of iDate Industry 2013"

Luchkin Dmitriy Head of Marketing department at Wamba ( User acquisition using affiliate programs before traffic exchange
Luchkin Dmitriy Head of Marketing department at Wamba (

  • - Functionality of applications: sufficiency and oversaturation
  • - Niche applications
  • - One-feature-applications
  • - Retention issues

He’s been called a PR marketing (WEB, IT and telecom) professional for more than 10 years. He became famous for his productive operations, ambitious actions and innovational solutions.

Each year of work with Dmitriy his colleagues consider as two years of quality experience.

Hugo Gersanois Co-Founder appiris GmbH (Germany) User Acquisition for Dummies
Hugo Gersanois Co-Founder appiris GmbH (Germany)

Hugo Gersanois graduated from EMLyon Business School with a Master in Finance and Strategy. Before starting appiris, Hugo gained experience in the mobile advertising space though a business development role at AppGratis. He previously worked as an Analyst in the Private Equity team of BNP Paribas New York focusing on Oil & Gas investments. He also gained exposure to Venture Capital through Analyst positions at Ventech and Gamma Capital Partners evaluating business models in the TMT space.

Topic of the speech: User Acquisition for Dummies

User acquisition is one of the core competencies of dating companies. Lots of players have been extremely successful at building user bases on the desktop by leveraging a lot of channels - and affiliate networks are among them. But desktop advertising is not enough anymore. Some dating companies have already gone full power into mobile user acquisition. But how to succeed? How to pick the right channels? 

Hugo will go through the main steps of a successful mobile user acquisition strategy during his "User Acquisition for Dummies" speech. From implementing the right tracking solution to setting meaningful KPIs for mobile marketers.

Alexander Strebkov Lead manager on work with advertising agencies, Target@Mail.Ru Effective traffic for dating business
Alexander Strebkov Lead manager on work with advertising agencies, Target@Mail.Ru

He started his career as sales manager in GoogleAdwords, and in May 2012 he left for Mail.Ru Group project -Target, where he is responsible for work with advertising agencies.

Participant of such conferences as: RIF, RIW, SPIC etc.

Topic: Effective traffic for dating business.


Ilya Gorshkov Senior publisher account manager at New opportunities and business perspectives to our partners
Ilya Gorshkov Senior publisher account manager at

Basic theses of report: 

  • Deep targeting when planning campaigns. Questions and benefits.
  • Diversification of formats and traffic channels, conversion analysis using Big Data.
  • On the other side of the counter: Strategies of the biggest end platforms and resellers media selling.
  • Case study: experience of successful promotion of a major international dating-brand.


About the speaker: His career in NGO, online marketing and tourism was developing in Russia, the USA and the UK. Being an expert in the field of projects internationalization, in 2013 Ilya joined due to the project on entry into the Russian market.


The advice from the lecturer: The modern market of Internet advertising is more dynamic than New York Stock Exchange. However, 90% of its players do not act like traders, but like farmers in the field. They do not keep their eye on the big picture, they do not adapt to the changes and innovations, they "just work like everyone else". At this time, the remaining 10% take all the money.


4 October Hall 1 4 October Hall 2
Dmitry Bykovskiy Founder Technologies ofsmall andmedium-sized businessespromotionin digital environment: how small businesscan compete with globalbrands
Dmitry Bykovskiy Founder

Dmitry Bykovskiy. In April 2014 we launched Solomoto platform,designed specifically for small and medium businesses.We have independentlydeveloped aproduct that allows small business esto compete with global brandsin the modern digital environment: web,social networks and Mobile.

Nikita Semenov Key Customer Service Director How to start saying “yes” to the proper web analytics tools.
Nikita Semenov Key Customer Service Director

Nikita has been working in telecommunication services for more than 6 years, taking executive positions in different organizations. Since 2008, has been heading sales department at UIS.

Nikita has been developing his own projects for several years, e.g. 

Since 2013, he has been a Key Customer Service Director at Comagic.

Ekaterina Shinkevich Director Effectiveness of purchasing subscriptions and co-registrations
Ekaterina Shinkevich Director

Ekaterina Shinkevich is an experienced specialist in the digital-market. Having more than 12 years of experience in the online advertising market, she began her career at WPP agencies, where she was responsible for media advertising. During the last 3 years she has been working in the field of performance-marketing, particularly CPA. In late 2012, she organized her own CPA-project jointly with Prostor Capital Venture Capital Fund - CPAEXchange platform.

Maria Banit Account Director Using YouTube for E-commerce advertising
Maria Banit Account Director

Experience of content advertising is more than 5 years. Specialized for work with major online shopping.

Certified specialist ofYandex Direct, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yandex metric, Marin Software.

Consultant of Product Google AdWords (trains, regional agencies working with Google AdWords).

Partner ofYandex  on Training.

Coffe break
Giovanni Angioni Senior Editor Affiliate Marketing in Online Gambling
Giovanni Angioni Senior Editor

Professional journalist and political scientist, Giovanni works in the media and affiliate marketing industry since 2007. Over the years, Giovanni has worked in different countries, participating to projects within competitive markets as gambling, online banking and trading. Since 2013, he is the European Senior Editor at, the world's leading poker website, where he is also Head of the Promotional Content.

Roman But Head of Marketing How to earn a million in affiliate gambling
Roman But Head of Marketing

2012 - 2013 – He was a head of the customer acquisition department at PariMatch (sports betting, poker);

2013 – He was an online marketing director at M.S.L. (the largest lottery operator in the Eastern Europe);

Since 2013 he has been holding a position of the marketing manager at LotosPoker. 

Mikhail Chistakov CEO Binaryoptions: Your own business vs. affiliate program
Mikhail Chistakov CEO

Graduated from MoscowState Technical University with a degree in Machine Engineering.Has been working in online trading since 2004, an author of many automated and semi-automated trading systems. Vast experience in IT, programming and project management of online trading helped Mikhail to become a developers group leader in 2012, who created innovational unique trading platform for binary options called Binarystation.

Initially Binarystation has been developed for Forex brokers. Today it’s the most beneficial technological solution for large companies as well as start-ups. One of the main differences between Binarystation and its competitors is its unique business model “No revenue sharing”, which has no analogies on the market. Platform has been successfully presented at profile exhibitions in Macao (Hong Kong) and Limassol (Cyprus) in 2014.

Yana Trubnikova Affiliate programs manager Binary options affiliate programs: Criteria for the right choice
Yana Trubnikova Affiliate programs manager

Graduated from Economics department of Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBISwith a degree inFinance and credit. Professionally deals with trading on exchange market, learning principles of international financial market operation and peculiarities of currency dealing.

Joined Lionstone Investment Services team in 2012 as one of the leading sales specialist. Currently develops affiliate programs for binary options and takes part in establishing new services of the company.

Constant speaker of common economics issues at leading Russian mass media.

Vavilova Alina Head Excess profits in financial affiliate programs
Vavilova Alina Head

Our company - Investlab Trading Limited - may not be the first binary option broker and we did not create the concept, but in 2013 with our entrance into the marketplace we set a goal for ourselves - to invent the best binary options trading solution in the world. With the last technologies and innovative ideas we've created a platform which gives our clients an easy, smooth and fun trading experience.

We are the first in the industry who:

Provide our clients with an absolutely free demo account;
Set minimum deposit of $10 to make trading available to everyone;
Increased the gain per trade up to 92%

Dmitry Yukhnevich Head "Preparing the Perfect Financial Offer: Ingredients, Way of Preparation and Serving"
Dmitry Yukhnevich Head

Dmitry Yukhnevich is a marketing specialist with 15 years of experience in strategic marketing, brand management and online marketing. He has been working in the field of affiliate marketing for more than 2 years and he has been holding a position of a head of LINKPROFIT, a rapidly growing ad network with pay-per-action, for one year. He is an owner and founder of, an online community of marketing professionals.

Sidorin Dmitriy Founder Leads generationin social networks using monitoring services
Sidorin Dmitriy Founder

  • Expert on promotion in social networks, 
  • founder of "Sidorin Lab" and Reputation Lab, 
  • Internet expert and business coach 
Aleksandr Rys Head Traffic + Website + Email = Lead: 10 Working Mechanisms
Aleksandr Rys Head

Aleksandr Rys is a head of ePochta Online Marketing Academy, where he constantly conducts webinars on email marketing.

He has presented reports at Netology, WebPromoExperts, and

About the Company:

ePochta project was founded in 2001 as part of Atompark Software Company. Currently ePochta is one of the leaders in the provision of services and software for sms / email marketing.

Kevin Van den Bosch Head of Client Services LEAD GENERATION 2.0 - the secret sauce unveiled
Kevin Van den Bosch Head of Client Services

Entering the affiliate marketing scene back in 2007, Kevin has been a passionate affiliate marketer ever since. Over the course of 6 years after that he fulfilled several local and international roles at one of Europe’s larger affiliate networks, Tradedoubler.
On the flipside he founded his own affiliate marketing consultancy company back in 2011. Being an outspoken and active digital marketer Kevin has been teaching at several bachelor and master classes on performance marketing in Belgium. He is an appreciated speaker at International (affiliate) events, such as A4Uexpo & Permance Marketing Insights and excited to be for the first time part of the speaker line-up of RACE.

Currently Kevin Van den Bosch is working for IgnitionOne as Head of Client Services for Europe. His team of online marketing specialists are helping clients across Europe gain more conversions out of their website and attributing them accordingly across all digital channels focusing on the entire digital customer journey and brand engagement.

Andrey Shatrov Commercial Director Mobile RTB technology in Russia
Andrey Shatrov Commercial Director

Andrey Shatrov has been working in the mobile industry since 1997.

He supervised the commercial direction of Sotovik portal, the market leader in digital media and online advertising. He held the position of Commercial Director in the business structure, engaged in development and integration of telemetric tracking systems for vehicles, as well as for companies on development of web conferencing for remote communication.

Since 2010, Andrey Shatrov held the position of Sales Director at WapStart, the largest mobile advertising network in Russia and the CIS, and in October, 2013 he was appointed to the post of Vice President in the matter of business development of WapStart mobile advertising network.

Since January 2014 Andrey Shatrov has been holding the position of Commercial Director at Adinch global mobile RTB network.

Vitaliy Kolosov Chief "Arbitrage for affiliate offers"
Vitaliy Kolosov Chief

Coffe break
Herman Tsarev Head of Product Big Data in mobile advertising
Herman Tsarev Head of Product

Herman Tsarev has graduated IT department of FSB Academyof Russia with highest distinction. His second graduate degree concerns e-commerce (Higher School of Economics, National Research University).

Currently he is taking a position of the product development manager at WapStart (HeadofProduct). Before that, he has been a director of online public services project for one of the Federal agencies of executive authorities (, as well as digital and advertising projects director.

Overall experience in IT,Internet, marketing – more than 6 years.

Area of interests – mobile marketing, intellectual information processingtechnologies, eBusiness.

He is a teacher in various educational programs, has publications in scientific and popular issues.




Pavel Ryskov Director "How much does a customer cost for you? Evaluation methods of efficiency of digital marketing for small-medium segments"
Pavel Ryskov Director

Since 2010, he has been an independent consultant for the organization and promotion of projects and start-ups in the Internet. He is a speaker at "RIF+CIB 2014", СПИКа and Russian Marketing Week.

Pavel Pyskov is a certified specialist in marketing and advertising. He is an expert in using Google, Yandex,, and SMM, in organization of project management (PMI), design of usability and web analytics.

Pavel Ryskov has developed several dozens of selling sites and has organized effective management of a variety of advertising campaigns for a wide range of businesses.

Petr Koziakov Sales Director Payments on credit cards online
Petr Koziakov Sales Director

Since 2009, Petr has been heading key customer service department at PayOnline System. Participated directly in transforming PayOnline from start-up into market leader, communication with key customers, establishing new business lines.

Since 2011, has been taking CCO position at, creating efficient system of product promotion and sales based on hot market trends. Optimized business processes in accordance with the Law on national payment systems and contributed to a significant customer base growth.

Since July 2012, has been Sales Director at PayU; managed to restart functionality of sales department.

Vitaliy Shendrik Founder Top 10 Ways to Enter a Profitable Contract by Means of Your Reputation
Vitaliy Shendrik Founder

Founder and CEO of Reputation Marketing Agency. He is number one in online reputation management

He has its own reviews management system, which employs 30 professional writers, as well as internet reference response system where the main KPI is speed of monitoring and responding to references. He has his own technology of work with opinion leaders on the forum covering more than 1,000 opinion leaders on leading Russian Internet forums with an audience of over 40 million people.

Future of mobile applications promotion
Dmitriy Lushnikov Evangelist Expert of PR & marketing startups and innovational projects.
Dmitriy Lushnikov Evangelist

Graduated from International Institute of Advertising. Has more than 5 years of experience in online marketing.

Previously has been working as a creative director and co-owner of Inspiration agency that became one of the top 50 digital agencies in Russia (2011).

Organized a number of events with such globally famous speakers as Richard Branson and Brett King that have been highlighted in Esquire, Forbes, Bolshoygorod, Interview.Made presentations at Skolkovo, Digital October and many other floors.

Since 2013, joined team and provided quality presentations at events like YaC by Yandex. WebSummitin Dublin, RIW, ElektronnayaTorgovlya, Social Networking Congress & Expo etc. Currently, is a leader of Russian referral marketing and is cooperating with largest online shops: Ozon, Lamoda, Svyaznoy, Yves Rocher, S7 Airlines etc.

Expert of PR & marketing startups and innovational projects.

Studnev Alexey CTO «Leadada»: FutureTechnology for Affiliate Networks
Studnev Alexey CTO

Alexey worked as a software architectfor russian and foreign companies. Designed and created the largest network for display advertising in Facebookapplications. Authorof U.S. and Europe patents on the technology of building ad servers for direct marketing. 

Andrey Ayriyan Head Monetazation of rejected leads (eg PayDay Loans taffic)
Andrey Ayriyan Head

Category: Financial Vertical - PayDay Loans (loan services (microloans))


Time period: since 2012till present

Counties: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Russia

Activity: project manager, traffic analysis, networking and integration with major webmasters (partners), market analysis.


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