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Street Adventure at iDate Expo

Specialized exhibition-conference devoted to Russian online dating and entertainmentiDate Expo, which will happen on 3-4 of October, 2014, in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow, has a special surprise for its visitors: meeting with “Street Adventure”.

Street Adventure is Russia’s first urban travel quest using mobile phone as a guide. Project creators were the first to upgrade traditional urban navigation, turning it into customized adventures where participants solve interesting puzzles, tasks, and riddles to find logical solution and move forward with each correct answer.

Street Adventure will be participating in iDate Expo, giving away presents on October 4, including tickets to “Moscow Adventures” quest.

Happy winners will get one of 20 interesting quests, receiving interesting questions and puzzles during 2-3 hours (depending on their speed) of the game. And while moving through the route, users will receive interesting stories, myths and facts related to places that they’re passing by.

Street Adventure is a perfect way to rest, spend a good time with friends, family, or date and explore the city.

Visit iDate Expo, learn about Street Adventure quests and win a ticket to “Moscow Adventures” quest!

Don’t miss your chance!