The first exhibition of online dating and entertainment

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Why to participate

  • Do you want to open a startup in the online dating business?               Or have you already cut your teeth on the dating business?


    You will personally meet the leaders of the dating business;

    You will meet business colleagues from Russia and other countries; 

    You will get a unique and essential knowledge from the real gurus in online dating and online entertainment sphere;

    You will learn about the latest global trends on your market;
    You will learn fascinating facts about the behind the scenes of this business; You will discuss general and specific issues in the field of dating business on the Russian market;
    You will be able to present your project before the experienced professionals; You will learn about the global trends, effective site promotion opportunities, psychology of consumers in online dating and online entertainment sphere;

    You will get Russian and perhaps foreign investors interested in your project;

    This is a great chance to attract investments to your own business, because among the participants there will be investors and webmasters, owners of platforms that are interested in the entertainment traffic;
    You will discover a unique world of dating business. You will share your unique experience with colleagues and young professionals.




• mobile application developers 
• payment systems 
• traffic exchanges 
• ad networks 
• affiliate programs of online dating industry
• hosting companies 
• online dating websites 
• video chats and social networks 
• online services of fortune-telling and horoscopes 
• operators of online dating websites 
• developers of software for online dating websites

Expo Visitors

• internet marketers 
• investors 
• owners of entertainment traffic 
• SMM-experts
• SEO-specialists 
• managers of affiliate programs 
• hosting providers 
• experts in mobile search and technology 
• heads of dating internet projects 
• partners and webmasters in entertainment segment